During the best of times, buzz words (especially in high tech) have a short shelf life.

The world has truly changed over the past year, as the economy has nose dived leaving us all shaken and wary. What seemed so important a year ago, is suddenly irrelevant, if not forgotten.

When was the last time you heard about:

- Version 2.0 anything; as in Marketing 2.0 or CRM 2.0. Adding on the 2.0 used to be a trendy way to imply we're all taking off into the next wave of the future. With the current economy, it feels more like we are frozen in time.

- RSS readers. Who has time? Who cares? Now everyone is Twittering instead and I suspect that will fade, as well.

- Social bookmarking. Yes, it's still around. But when it's all hands on deck to keep the company afloat, who has time to manipulate Digg rankings?

- Podcasting. If you can't monetize it, then throw it under the bus and move on.

- Corporate blogging. Yes, people are still blogging. But, it doesn't feel like a must-do anymore now does it? Again, unless there's a tangible ROI; chances are you have bigger fish to fry right now.

As for buzz words that still have buzz:

- Cloud computing.

- Virtualization.

- Software as a Service.

- Open source applications.

It's real simple; they save money.