Your machine dies, and sometimes rather than repair it you go buy a new one, right, but what bad
thing happens if you throw away an old hard drive without erasing it?

Do you have old Quickbooks files that contain credit card, social security or bank account numbers?
This could leave you at risk for enabling identity theft to occur on some of your former employees.
Not good.

A storage technology firm, WiebeTech has run a study where they bought some random hard
drives off of eBay and afterwards wrote this white paper on what they found. All of these drives
they bought contained data that you would not want to let out of your company.

Department of Defense secrets were recently found on an old hard drive and 34% of hard drives
studied, had either personal data that could be identified to an individual or commercial data
identifying a company or organization.

There are devices that are standalone and do not require a working computer,
that you can connect your drive up to and get it properly erased.

Curt holds 7 patents and is the CEO of a resource management software company.