Actually, it's called a "Blackberry Visor" (which is far more manly and corporate).

Make no mistake, it's a bonnet; a great solution when too much sunlight is washing out the screen. It's also ideal for blocking out the wandering eyes of those nearby.

See for yourself. Here's a little must-have gadget for your crack, er uh, I mean Blackberry.

The Blackberry Mobile Visor folds up roughly to the size and weight of a credit card for a modest $8.95.

I still say that it's a bonnet. So, if you can deal with your mobile device looking like the "Little Blackberry on the Prairie" then go for it.

Pa would be proud.

In other news...

In case you haven't heard, Steve Jobs was back on the job this week. Just a couple of days after we all learned he had a liver transplant back in April, he arrived back at the office to announce that more than one million new iPhone 3GS devices have been sold since launching a couple of weeks ago.

He's inspired the personal computer industry since he helped create it some 30 years ago. Now, he is an inspiration for his medical resiliency. Sometime ago, an anonymous person checked "yes" at the DMV to be an organ donor if there life ever took a tragic turn. By doing so, he or she set fate in motion to one day save the life of one of the greatest innovators and entrepreneurs in modern history.

If you haven't done so already, I encourage you to say "God forbid, but just in case" and then check the box "yes" if you haven't done so already.

You just never know.