Inside a printer cartridge (laser) are tiny, tiny pieces of
plastic. Yep. "Toner" is actually ground up plastic. Who
knew? In any case, these tiny, tiny pieces like to do
things like get all over your hands, your clothes, the
floor, and everything else (including the paper for which
it's intended).

In order to alleviate this during shipping and
installation, cartridge vendors stick this plastic strip
inside the toner cartridge to prevent the cartridge from
dumping all over everything.

When installing a toner cartridge, therefore, it behooves
the installer to remove said strip so the toner can
actually exit the cartridge and melt to the paper, thus
providing ink. This is 'step 6' in the instruction manual.

I only mention this because 3 times in the past 2 months
I've been told of a printer that's "not working" to find
that said strip was not removed (according to my printer guy).


Curt Finch writes for a project management blog as well.