It's called Hohm and its beta site launched just yesterday.

Through Hohm, registered users can input all their energy usage information (all those specs at the bottom of the bill) and then Hohm spits out ways to shave those numbers.

As business people, we know this; saving money is easier and more lucrative than making money. For one thing, you don't pay taxes on money saved.

In the case of reducing energy usage:

1. It's good for the environment.
2. Not only do you save, but so do utility companies. What they lose on billing for that extra usage they more than make up for it on having to invest less in adding to or upgrading power grids.
3. If you know what you are using and where the energy hog points are in your business; eventually you won't need Hohm's analysis.

Until then, this is a great place to get started.