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Salesforce.com Launches Free Version


You do get what you pay for. But, Salesforce.com has launched this week a free version of force.com. This could be a great way for a smaller business to go play in the cloud for the first time.

The stripped down version serves up to 100 users and allows businesses to run web sites and other web applications on the cloud. Salesforce.com even throws in one customized web application. Naturally, they are hoping this will only wet your appetite to upgrade to a paid version. Nothing wrong with that; they are a business after all.

Here are the details, if you are interested.

In other news...

Google has some competition among Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews. Introducing "Koogle", a search engine programmed to kick up kosher results. Up until now, surfing the web has put Orthodox Jews in a compromising position. Koogle, a playful reference to the jewish noodle and variation of Google (and not the flavored peanut butter from the 70's), doesn't allow online shopping on the Sabbath, and filters out religiously offensive things like television sets and immodestly dressed women.

Last updated: Jun 16, 2009

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