Okay, I've been writing about this for about two years now. But, now I really mean it. Especially if you are a small, local bricks and mortar business; it is time to get a mobile version of your company web site.

Consider this:

- One in three smartphone users in this country are now using a location-based service at least once a month (weather reports, navigation, restaurant and other business locations, etc.) (According to Compete)

- Compete's research advises that mobile users are very interested in getting local alerts about discounts, special offers, etc.

- Your competitors have likely not figure this out, yet. This is your chance to beat them to the punch. First come, first served (is that a mixed metaphor?).

Your favorite arguments for NOT getting a mobile web site:

1. It's the economy stupid. I hear you on that one. But, a mobile web site is not necessarily a huge investment and it just might be the new revenue stream to help lead you out of today's wilderness.

2. I fell for this back in the 90's when everyone rushed out to get a company web site. It took years to see a ROI. No guarantees on a mobile site either. But, I will say this; there's a reason why it's called the World Wide Web. Yes, most bricks and mortar local businesses have no need for someone in Norway to visit their site. A mobile site, however, may be the only way to reach your potential customers down the street. They aren't exactly reading the local paper anymore, now are they?

3. It's cheaper than'¦ local advertising (see above point), direct mailings or cold calling.

4. It's more effective than'¦ all of the above and the local chamber of commerce.

5. I have a solid customer base, thank you very much. Okay, but how old are they? Are you roping in the youngsters, promising a long life for your company? They live on their mobile devices. They do not live on their snail mail, even e-mail, cable television sets, local papers, etc.