I spoke with Tate Holt, the CEO of NetBooks recently.

Now he's not selling the kind of netbook that is a
replacement for your laptop. What NetBooks has is an
online accounting system that runs in the Amazon cloud
that's free - my favorite price - forever if you are a
one person company. As your company grows to 5 people
they will charge you around $50/month.
It handles inventory, billing, keeps track of customer
addresses and reminds you to keep in touch with them,
and is designed to do it all simply and easily.

My wife runs a small business on QuickBooks. Most small
companies do this. Sometimes the updates they push on her
and the support people she has to deal with have made the
experience expensive and unpleasant.

And although Quickbooks does have an online
where you don't have to install anything, it's features are rumored
to be substantially less robust than those of the installed version.

As many of you know I have for years advocated that all new companies
should be started "serverless".

The Netbooks offering certainly gets your attention if you're
starting a small business today.

The internet is a powerful catalyst for commoditization, particularly
in the software industry. These guys are trying to do it to Quickbooks,
and to a lesser degree, Netsuite.

There is no better time to start your small business.

Curt Finch is the founder & CEO of a resource management software company.