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Google Chrome OS Aftershocks


Welcome to the new operating systems war! For so long it was Windows versus Mac. But this week Google pulled a Pearl Harbor on Microsoft by announcing it will launch its own operating system next year built around their relatively new Chrome browser.

It seems everyone has something to say about it. Here's a round up of quotes and headlines this week:

"Google to Microsoft: It's on"
- C/Net, July 8th

But wait there's more...

"It's not good news for Microsoft. The real question right now is how bad can it be?"
- David Hilal, FBR Capital Markets Analyst for the Wall Street Journal

And more...

"Chrome OS: Cloud computing made real: Forget Windows. So long Mac OS X. Google's OS lifts computing out of yesterday's desktop paradigm and into the cloud"
- InfoWorld, July 9th

Now we're getting whipped into a frenzy...

A Microsoft nightmare? Google to launch Chrome operating system
- Los Angeles Times, July 8th

Okay, this one crosses over into hysteria...

"Geek Newsflash: Google Drops "Nuclear Bomb" on Microsoft"
- SFist, July 8th

Score a few for Microsoft, and sobriety...

"The Google OS Is Doomed"
- Slate, Thursday, July 9th

Here's the sobriety part...

"Will Google's Chrome OS look rusty by late 2010?"
- Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet, July 8th

More sobriety...

"Chrome OS Not Exactly a "Death Knell" for Windows"
Digital Daily, July 9th

Stay tuned...

Last updated: Jul 10, 2009

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