Memo to Palm Pre users: if you've been enjoying syncing up your Palm Pre to iTunes, then don't bite on the new iTunes update to 8.2.1.

Here's why: Apple is on to you!

When the Palm Pre first came out way back when (a couple of months ago), it had bragging rights that users could sync it up like an iPod.

Unfortunately, it was programmed to be so much like an iPod that it was in fact giving iTunes an iPod-like product ID (in other words, it was what some might call, er uh, a hack).

The folks in Cupertino were not amused.

The new update for iTunes has a fix. If you have a Palm Pre and you want to get around this for awhile longer than just avoid biting on the upgrade option for 8.2.1. The little popup screen, of course, does not mention what it's upgrading.