Not including tax and title, of course!

Seriously, I remember about 12-13 years ago when the sub-$1000 price point for a desktop PC was all the rage.

Prices on tech gear have dropped so low, I think you can trick out an entire home office for under a grand.

Let's try:

1. 15.6 inch laptop by Compaq - Walmart $298 (starting July 26th)

2. Wireless all-in-one printer/copier/scanner by Cannon - Best Buy $149

3. 8 gig iPhone - $99 (with a two year contract with AT&T)

4. 2 Drawer Filing Cabinet - Staples $129

5. Wireless NetGear G Router - $39.99

6. Flip Phone - 60 minutes (for all those YouTube videos you'll be shooting pitching yourself and your entrepreneural endeavors) - $99

7. Norton Internet Security 1 user/3 PC's - 39.99

8. Microsoft Office 2007 Student Edition - $149 Office Max (Do you really need the $449 Small Business Edition?)

Grand Total = $1002.98

Okay, you'll have to spot me three bucks. But, by the time you write it all off as an unreimbursed business expense; we are back well under $1000 including tax and shipping.