It's starting to take on an oil and vinegar-like relationship. It's not your fault. Facebook is up to something. It's called boosting itself in the search engines and the less private you are then the higher up those Facebook rankings go with more public entries entering the fray in a stream of real-time postings. Sound like another comapny you've heard of? More on that in a moment.

But first the basics: the higher the rankings, the higher the advertising profits and you get the idea from there.

For us paranoid-types, this would appear to be a direct response to the fast advances of Twitter.

Earlier this year, TechCrunch got hold of some very private meetings notes from an internal staff session at Twitter on strategy. Of course, they published some of them. (It would be hard for a social network site to point the finger at another organization for spilling the beans on priviledged information, now wouldn't it?) One of the more interesting juicy bits were the notes on a portion of the meeting addressing "How Facebook Could Kill Us". The short answer was becoming more public beefing up their rankings in the search engines as a real-time stream of postings.

Bottomline: keep a sharp eye on your Facebook privacy permissions. They've already made some changes earlier this summer. You may be oversharing with more than your 492 closest friends and not realize it.