Ok, science fiction fans listen up...

Researchers believe that the advent of neural technology will eventually lead to very serious hacking problems. Devices that allow people to operate computers and control wheelchair movement with their thoughts could potentially be compromised. "If we don't start paying attention to security, we're worried that we might find ourselves in five or 10 years saying we've made a big mistake," says Tadayoshi Kohno, computer security expert at UW who published these concerns with others in Neurosurgical Focus, an industry journal.

While many of us might wonder what the benefit of hacking into another person's brain is, the past has proven that sometimes hackers will perform actions simply to hurt other people. For example, in 2008 hackers attacked an epilepsy support web site with flashing animations that led many users to have seizures. It seems that as long as there are technological advances, there will be people who seek to exploit them.

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