Nokia has unveiled in Europe its first-ever Linux phone.

Why is this interesting?

- Nokia is the world's largest cell phone maker, including smartphones. Therefore, everything it does is interesting.

- Symbian is their operating system of choice. People talk about the iPhone and Microsoft's mobile O/S and Blackberry and that up and coming scrapper, Android by Google. Pfffft! Symbian is bigger than all of those put together.

- Nokia has been playing around with Linux on its "Internet Tablets" for awhile now. This is an interesting jump.

- Nokia is especially known for its high-end, high dollar mobile devices. Thanks to the economy, Goldman-Sachs is projecting Nokia's market share of the devices priced above $350 to drop to 13 percent in the upcoming year. Two years ago, they ruled at 33 percent. Linux may be a Hail Mary pass to regain some of that yardage.

Stay tuned...