Gartner continues to predict drops in IT spending for this year, yet they have also found, to their surprise, that IT managers are opting to postpone projects rather than cancel them altogether. Their survey "found that only 12% of IT managers surveyed had canceled one or more projects since October 2008. The survey also found that 29% postponed at least one project and 33% implemented at least one project at a reduced rate." The evidence seems to suggest that IT managers are holding out hope that better times are around the corner, and are keeping top-line growth in mind.

So this would be evidence then that pent up demand will at some point spring into action, driving up prices of project managers, coders and everything else in the moribund IT industry. Like many other
things, buying IT now, if you have the cash, might look like pretty smart timing in just a few months.

Curt has 7 patents and is the CEO of a timesheet software company in Austin, Texas.