Tell me again how long we've been using Windows XP, now?

I had to look it up again the other day for another posting. Windows XP was launched to the public in late October of 2001; that's a lifetime ago in technology.

When XP was launched:

- Bill Gates was still running Microsoft.

- Rudy Giulianni was still the Mayor of New York City (he was at the launch less than two months after the 9/11 attacks still revered as America's mayor).

- We were only involved in one ground war in Southwest Asia.

- My family was much smaller and I was paying a lot of money each month on formula and diapers. My daughter can now beat me at Scrabble.

- Facebook didn't exist.

- Twitter didn't exist.

- Ditto for iPhones

- It was the year that Apple introduced the first iPod.

- The West Wing was the hot show on television.

- The first Harry Potter movie was released (the sixth one came out this summer).

- The Rocky Mountain News and The Seattle Post-Intelligencer still existed.

Just a little perspective. It goes to show you how artificial these technology upgrade cycles are for one thing.