Could we be fast approaching a time when the desk becomes obsolete?

I think so.

I just gave mine away to my kids' school (they still need them). It has totally changed my home.

What was once a loft dedicated to my home office is now my daughter's room. My "home office" is now a couple of filing cabinets in the corner of a walk- in closet, my wireless laptop floating around from room to room and my wireless printer sitting in the entertainment center next the DVD player and cable box.

I'm not sure how I will do that whole deduction thing on my taxes next year, however. As the need for physical office space shrinks, it doesn't seem quite fair that the deduction should too.

Desk designs have always evolved along with the technology of the day.

From the late 1800's until about the 20's and 30's, the rolltop desk was king with all of its little drawers and slots for the highly compartmentalized executive.

Modern times made the executive too busy, with too much mail to sort into all those little places. Enter the sturdy, battle ship grey steel desk; it was perfect as a wide, steady platform for big, clunky typewriters, inboxes, and adding machines.

As the technology got lighter and smaller, so have desks.

I say it is finally to the point that who needs it.

The desk is a great place to:

- cramp up and develop neck and back pain.

- pile up neglected paperwork and work somewhere else, anyway.

- leave out important stuff for your family to pick through and lose, as opposed to buttoning it down in a locking file cabinet.

- feel oppressed and depressed.