Google Android smartphones aren't even in the same solar system of sales compared to the iPhone. No news there. But just how bad is it?

Here's a big clue; take a look at the Android App store.

One of the top Android app developers, Larva Labs, has pulled back the curtain to give us all a peek.

It isn't pretty.

Larva Labs sells the #5 and #12 top selling applications at the Android store, I don't know what kind of sales numbers one through four are pulling down a day. Larva Labs, however, is making a little over $60 a day in sales for both applications.

So what's the problem? It's more than just the iPhone jugernaut. It's apparantly just a really bad store design.

Larva Labs complains about the following:

1. The Android store offers no screenshots of the offered applications.

2. Buyers have to use Google checkout. This requires a credit card and a hassle factor for first time purchasers.

3. The system is just plain clunky, with lots of download and credit card verification delays.

4. There are free apps and apps for sale. To find the ones for sale, you have to hunt around until you find it in a sub-menu. In other words, Google is not really serious about anyone making a living at developing applications.

And, apparantly, the end result is that no one is. Could your company survive on $60 of revenue a day?