Apple's latest version of their Mac Operating System (Mac OS X Snow Leopard) is getting loads of buzz and press and great reviews. Let's face it, the folks in Cupertino can't throw a Friday after-work kegger without the Technorati weighing in - breathlessly.

All that aside, here's what Snow Leopard is not getting; corporate clients!

Apple, for all it's hype and well-deserved beloved products, still can't get arrested in Dilbert land.

This version of Mac OS X was supposed to help turn the tide, mainly because it has the new feature of compatibility with Microsoft Exchange.

Instead of shifting tides, IT managers are apparantly reacting with dead calm.

In a recent survey of CIO's by ZDNet, the response was an overwhelming thumbs down to Snow Leopard.

ZDNet periodically polls a cross section of CIO's, selecting a random 12 members to give a "jury like" thumbs up, thumbs down decision on products and issues. All 12 gave a thumbs down to Snow Leopard.

When the rest of the 90 member panel was polled, well over half concurred.

More interestingly were some of the quotes from their panel members.

This one says it all:

"I work in government. We've invested heavily in PCs and we don't do a lot with graphic design nor are we an educational institution. Because of that, supporting Macs for us is more of a hassle. However, personally, I love my Mac and am very excited about this new release."

- Lisa Moorehead, Director of IT for the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities

In a nutshell, this is Apple's great dilemma; it can win over the personal user, but not the business market.


- Microsoft's tentacles are just too entrenched throughout corporate networks.

- Retraining employees to migrate to a Mac environment would be an expensive, time consuming nightmare for most employers.

- I think it's safe to say that all parts being equal, the average computer user would choose a Mac over a PC. However, all parts are not equal and Microsoft is simply "good enough". It doesn't have to be as a good as Apple.