Palm Pixie phone; try saying that three times fast.

As a part of Fashion Week in New York City, Palm will reportedly unveil a new WebOS smartphone cheaper than the Pre just released this past summer. It's code name: Pixie.

The Pixie (which will reportedly be called Palm EOS officially upon release), is expected to go for that magic price point of $99 (with a two year contract).

Engadget has pictures of the slim little darling floating around. It looks like a cross between an iPhone, a Blackberry Curve and a James Bond-ified Palm Centro. If that is hard to conjure up in your mind than click on this link and see if you agree.

See what I mean? It has the Blackberry wide body, the iPhone flat as a pancake thickness and the Palm Centro bumpy keypad (for those of us who need our tactile binky). Let me also add, it has a QWERTY keypad.

I think that's a plus being a proponent of saving the QWERTY keypad from extinction. Somewhere out there I hope my high school typing teacher, Mrs. Briggs, is proud of me for saying so.

The Pre goes for $200 with a two year contract, by the way. So this would be the econo-smartphone in the Palm line.

TechCrunch's sister site, MobileCrunch, got its paws on a secret spec sheet from AT&T (so I guess we know which carrier will be selling it) on the PalmEOS last spring.

It's not much of a secret anymore. Back then, it was operating under it's alternate code name; Castle.

It's an intrigueing choice for Palm to debut its new smartphone at Fashion Week. It will share the spotlight with interesting company.

Apparantly, new variations of the Snuggie will also be centerstage on the catwalk this week. Yes, I'm talking about the Snuggie as seen on those TV ads. It looks like part-monk's robe, part sleeping bag . Can't wait to see the supermodels walking in one of those things. Do you wear heels with a Snuggie?

But I digress....