I bought a Netbook a little over a month ago. Upon purchase, I was too cheap to spring for Microsoft Office and security software at the same time. Why pay now, when I can put off the cost for two months using the 60 day trial offer first?

Let me just say that without naming names, the widely known security software has been so aggressive in trying to get me to sign up sooner than later; I'm inclined to decide on never and go with another software security company.

About every ten days, this particular software company takes over my browser when I open it monopolizing my screen with a very large pop-up screen. The screen declares how many days left on my trial period and there is only one button to click on the screen, which is "okay". "Okay" doesn't close the screen, it activates my browser to take me to the site's sales page. Unlike pop-up ads on a web site, there is no "close" or "x" button to make it all go away.

I am able to close the sales site page. However, as I write this I have the pop-up screen squeezed down to my toolbar. It does not give me to option to close it.

Memo to a very large and well-known Internet security company:

- Internet security software is supposed to protect me from the kind of bullying sales tactics that you are using to win my business.

- A trial period does not give you license to mess with me anytime you feel like it.

- I've been a customer of yours since 1995. In 28 days, that will come to end. You have succeeded in alienating me forever.

- If you can produce such crystal clear reminder pop-ups written in plain English for anyone with a 5th grade education to understand, then why can't you produce pop-up screens for your product that make sense to the average bear as well. What exactly does a "medium threat" mean anyway? Isn't sorta insecure on the Internet sort of like being sorta pregnant?