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Early Deals On Windows 7


This morning I cautioned you dear readers to not be the first in line today for Windows 7 (as an upgrade or bundled into a new PC).

For those of you that can't wait, the good news is Microsoft and most of the major PC makers and sellers are offering some pretty sweet deals to nudge you into taking the plunge NOW.

Microsoft is calling this coordinated blitz "Seven Days of Windows 7".

Among the bargains they hope you can't refuse:

- Best Buy is offering a total computer makeover: a netbook, laptop and desktop and a wireless router all installed by the Geek Squad for $1199 (Okay, that's a good one. Get your small office tricked out in one fell swoop; Laptop for the boss, desktop for the receptionist and netbook for the college intern).

- Dell and Acer are both offering discounts on specific units pre-loaded with Windows 7.

- Microsoft is offering a buy a PC, get a discounted Windows 7 upgrade on your old computer as well.

- There's a three upgrades for the price of one, as well.

I stand by my earlier posting today, however.

Last updated: Oct 22, 2009

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