I can't resist responding to your comments this week.

It's Microsoft people. No matter how you put it the same people who designed, coded, and tested Vista were the same ones who designed, coded, and tested Windows 7.
- From Jupsdgreat

True words, J. Even Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, was tamping down the hype earlier this week. Unbelievably he reminded us all that Vista got decent early reviews from the beta testers, etc. before it's launch. At the time, there was no indication it would bomb (not his words, those are mine) and look what happened.

Ruth Seeley.. Busted on my numbering thing. Hehehehehe! Now you all know. I was not a math major. Good thing, no? I remember those $700 microwaves back in the 70's. All that and could cook your liver if you stood in front of the leaks too long.

Regarding my prediction of Windows 7 selling like hotcakes, Vulpine disagrees:

While Microsoft is going to see a huge first week or so, this is mostly due to preorders that started over 4 months ago. Once these preorders are shipped, I expect sales of Win7 to drop drastically and level out somewhere just above the sales rate of Win7-equipped hardware, including said hardware.

Interesting scenario, Vulpine. You may be right. Let's see if the pre-order rush has a dead cat bounce afterwards.

And Matt I think you make a very good point that Windows 7 just might not have enough of a hook to rope in consumers.

It will be interesting to see if anyone cares. A launch of an OS that people are not likely to feel safe loading up on day one in new stores that don't have a clear purpose.

I also think eight years of Windows XP may be a hard habit to break, because after all "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". We've all gotten by this longh. We've learned what's the rush to upgrade.

Have a great weekend and we'll get back to business on Monday.