I haven't met an iPhone owner yet who doesn't love theirs. It's an Apple product after all and we all know how the Apple faithful are about their toys - well, faithful!

AT&T's overburdened infrastructure is increasingly enough to try that faith, however.

This is directly from employees at the Apple Genius Bar in New York City, an Apple retail store: AT&T's dropped call rate for iPhone users in the New York area is 30%.

As we say in Texas; woa!

That's almost one in three calls!

Just last week there was a story that I reported on this blog, that iPhone users are taking up 20 times more of AT&T's bandwidth than other smartphone users (like me with my Palm Centro).

AT&T admits they need to scale up their 3G network, but it's a tedious process that involves working with local governments placing equipent around town.

My parting thoughts on this one:

1. If you can't handle the added traffic AT&T, maybe it's time to let Apple out of that exclusivity deal and let other carriers carry iPhones. Spread the demand around.

2. It's pretty shameless, even for a phone company, to charge folks over a $100 a month to use their smartphones (including the $30 data plan) and then only deliver as few as two out of three calls.

3. p.s. my AT&T service was down for two hours yesterday. You never know when one of your customers authors a tech blog.