Tick, tick, tick! It's T-Minus two days until the launch of Windows 7.

The question is will personal users and businesses rush out (or at least walk briskly) to make the upgrade.

My guess is that many will at least walk briskly.

Here's why:

- A new survey put out by Softchoice shows 88% of all corporate PCs in North America have enough power under the hood to support Windows 7; that's in term of RAM, memory and processor speed.

- When Vista came out three years ago, only 50% of all corporate PCs were Vista-ready for an upgrade.

"It's pretty clear that hardware upgrade costs won't be the stumbling block for Windows 7 that they were for Vista,"
- Dean Williams, services development manager for Softchoice.

- Microsoft has the right strategy in this economy to get Windows 7 out there. Three words: bargains, bargains, bargains.

"This is where we've put a lot of coordination effort to make sure that customers more than ever get some great, great value, starting on October 22 and continuing. Customers can expect deals, deals, deals."
- Tami Reller, VP Microsoft as quoted by CNet

In addition to the Crazy Eddie blitz, there will be some of the typical Microsoft launch drama. It's not a tech launch without the proper amount of circus antics, hype and hysteria.

Here's what to expect on Thursday:

- Microsoft will be the opening act for NASDAQ on Thursday.

- The first ever Microsoft store will open in Scarsdale, AZ.

- The first ever Microsoft cafe will open in Paris.

- Look for huge launch events in Japan, Great Britain and, of course, New York City.