You'd be surprised just how many small to midsize businesses still don't leverage their marketing materials online. It's easy to let this one fall through the cracks. For a startup, there are so many other priorities in play just to keep things going.

Here's why you need to make this a priority, too:

1. More eyeballs. You can only press the flesh with so many or even hit so many clients through print, mail outs and trade shows. Those are all important channels, as well. But online proliferation has no borders.

2. They want video. Why read it when you can watch it. For example, a recent Eccolo Media survey of executives who influence technology buying decisions found a dramatic jump in preference for video just within the past twelve months. The same survey conducted in 2008 showed 28% of the respondents had used an online video to gather purchasing information. The 2009 survey showed that figure at 49%.

3. Buyers do their homework online. Decision makers and influencers still use trade magazines. But make no mistake, the Internet is the first stop when it comes to gathering information. Tracking down information about your company, products or services is part of the pre-sales process. White papers, videos, informational articles online, blogs, case studies, online newsletters and podcasts are all breadcrumbs that will lead potential customers to your sales department.

4. Access to free information is appreciated. Your marketing materials, of course, need to be more than a commercial for your company. Sponsor surveys, studies, research on specific topics and give it away. It will give your company credibility and position it as an authority.