As the year comes to a close; what I would call the "Year of The Smartphone", let's take a look at how all the major players are doing.

This just in...

- The iPhone has finally surpassed Windows Mobile in national market share, according to ComScore. New numbers that are as recent as October of this year now put the iPhone at 8.9 million, while Microsoft sits at 8.1 million.

- Blackberry still reigns supreme over both at 14.9 million. In fact, RIM (Blackberry's parent company) just announced it's third quarter earnings beating expectations with a 59% increase in earnings from the same quarter a year ago.

- Palm, on other hand, just announced this week it's second quarter of earnings being down. So much for the Pre being a game changer.

- Google's Android is the one to watch in 2010! It's still lagging way behind the iPhone and Blackberry, but don't let that fool you. The Droid is a player. More handsets from different manufactorers with the Android operating system are in the pipeline and will be on the market early next year. Google's even making noise about a Droid netbook debuting at CES. Droid has the advantage of not being bound to one carrier like the iPhone's insufferable marriage to AT&T. Here's a survey finding that must be sending a chill down both AT&T and Apple's collective spines: also according to CommScore, 17% of potential smartphone buyers say they will likely buy a Droid smartphone. 20% of those committed to making a purchase soon still have their eye on the iPhone.