One of Twitter's best uses is its ability to pay it forward virally to a lot of people really fast.

'Tis the season. So, let's try this.

If you are a boss. Consider this:

- Your staff has most likely worked hard this year, scrambling to keep your business afloat through a tough recession.

- They are probably worn down from worrying whether they could lose their job in the next round of layoffs.

- How many do you see working long hours everyday because you do? (No one wants to be seen going home before the boss.)

- How often are their responses to your e-mails time stamped late at night, on weekends, or even holidays?

- How many of your employees work more than 40 hours a week? And how much overtime do they actually charge you?

- How often do any of your employees actually use up all their vacation time each year?

- Just because you can't afford holiday bonuses this year, doesn't mean that they don't need one.

Here's something you can do!

Let 'em go early this week. Even earlier than you first planned. Figure out what essential work has to be addressed over the holiday and tell them everything else can wait.

No work e-mail.

No working from home over the holiday.

No phone calls.

Nothing due on Monday, January 4th, that they have to prepare for over Christmas week.

In fact, shut down the company network from December 23rd to January 4th if you can. Make it impossible to get work done.

Mandate rest.

Mandate leisure.

Mandate time with family.

Now Tweet (or e-mail, or call up on the phone and read it aloud if you have to) this forward to every manager, business owner, boss, supervisor, etc. that you know.