It was inevitable.

Twitter, according to ComScore, is ending the year with fairly flat numbers in unique visitors each month compared to its meteoric growth the first half of the year.

Let's review:

- Twitter rang in the new year with about 2.5 million users. It's now at just under 20 million.

- There's Spring and then there's what happened to Twitter between February and April; going from about four to 17 million users in 60 days.

- It all peaked around the Fourth of July when it climbed above 21 million people.

- August, down. September, flat. October, down. November, flat. And here we sit just under 20 million.

So, what gives?

Nothing. A company can only grow in the triple digits from month to month for so long.

Maturity. That's what happened.

Or, perhaps just a lull before the next growth spurt.

Notice I wrote this whole posting without writing "Twitter's twaffic".

Maybe I'm growing up, too!