Tech, like any other industry, has it good boys and girls and its not so good boys and girls.

So, who's getting coal in their stocking this year?

Here's my list:

AT&T - For outrageous dropped call rates and slow 3G service in way too many places due to more bandwidth demands then they can handle. Most of all for advertising like crazy to sign up smartphone users luring them with unlimited high bandwidth promises and then threatening to charge them extra for actually using it all they want.

Facebook - For confusing us all to death over privacy permissions.

Sprint - For no longer making it possible for customers to use their smartphone as a tether to get online with their laptop. Instead, laptop users have to use a special Sprint dongle and buy a separate data plan. Boo! Hiss!

Google - For way too many e-mail outages and thinking "screw up, apologize, screw up again, repeat" is a corporate strategy.

Spammers - You're on the list every year. This year, even more so, now that you seem to be spreading your bottom feeding ways into Twitter, Facebook and other social networking platforms. So what's it like being a scumbag for a living? Does your Mom know she raised a jerk?

Microsoft - Thank your for finally releasing Windows 7. But, that was in October. I can't let you off the hook for the first 10 months of the year when you were still pushing Windows Vista.

Apple - Dude, there's a recession going on. Thank you for the affordable price points on iPhones and iPods for those of us on a budget these days. Now how about an affordable Mac.