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Apple Tablet Goes To Verizon


None of this will be comfirmed until the actual unvieling of the Apple tablet on January 27th.

But, here's the latest dish, according to

1. The Apple Tablet will run on a Qualcomm made wireless chip that is used exclusively on mobile devices for Verizon.

2. The tablet will retail for about $800. It will sell for about $600 with a two year Verizon contract. The monthly plan will run at about $60.

3. It may go on sale as early as March. However, there are rumors of components being in short supply and that might push availability until June.

Meanwhile, it's CSI: Apple Tablet trying to figure out what it will actually be called.

The best guesses are iPad or iSlate.

Both names have been trademark protected by a company called "Slate Computing, LLC". It is widely believed this is a shell company set up by Apple just to discreetly trademark those names. The person who signed the paperwork applying for the trademarks was one Regina Porter. Porter just happens to be, tada, Apple's trademark specialist.

Last updated: Jan 21, 2010

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