If you watch any television, you've probably seen their dueling coverage maps bringing a whole new meaning to red and blue states.

Now, AT&T and Verizon are out to best each other on pricing. As a consumer, I much prefer this to cat fighting about the other.

(Now, it's getting good. What's next for us customers: a free AT&T branded ramekin when you sign a two-year contract? I know just the place to keep mine!)

AT&T has announced it will lower its monthly unlimited voice and data rates for iPhone users by $30. It was $100 for unlimited voice and another $30 for unlimited data. Now, it's just a flat $100 for both.

This came over the weekend in response to Verizon's Friday announcement it is slashing unlimited voice plans from $99 a month to $69. It's keeping data plans at the same price. It's a different way to configure the billing. But, if you do both it works out to the same amount roughly. What I do like about Verizon is that it gives a real break to people who aren't doing data yet on their phones.

And I mean that, with or without the ramekin.