K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love... and you know the rest!

I bless this match and so do their parent companies, RIM and IBM, apparantly. The two soon-to-be in-laws have announced that a version of Blackberry will soon go on sale pre-loaded with Lotus collaboration software.

The two companies have been in alliance for years collaborating on integration clients between their two worlds. This is a first, however, bundling software and hardware all into one package. Both are hoping this will make it an easier sell to corporate IT departments.

The phones, which will be sold by IBM, will include Lotus Connections and Lotus Quickr. Connections is Lotus' social networking app used for networking (as in professional contacts). Quickr is a collaboratoin application used for sharing documents.

Apple needs to keep making inroads with the corporate crowd. It's also just announced that the latest version of the iPhone (iPhone 4) will have its coming out party with the highly anticipated Apple Tablet on January 27th. It will be interesting to see what Apple intends to do this time around to pitch woo to the button-down set.