Needless to say, The International Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing right now in Vegas.

My friend and PR maven, Martha, who was on her way to an event in Palo Alto, CA last night put it well on her Facebook page:

"I think EVERYONE I know professionally (at least those West Coast based) is at CES. Which doesn't bode well for the networking value of an event I'm attending tonight."

All that being said, there are not many surprises at CES this year; just details and confirmations added to pre-show rumors.

Here's the best of the 'deets, so far:

- Apple is, of course, not at CES this year. It never attends. And, once again, it's the talk of CES anyway. This time everyone's buzzing about the upcoming roll-out of the Apple touch tablet later this month.

- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer demo'd a Windows 7 based touchscreen tablet made by HP during his opening keynote the other night.What he didn't mention is that HP's other "Slate" will run on Android.

- Dell says "me too"; it's planning on releasing its own slate device, as well. Anyone else?

- Lots of netbooks; too many to mention here. Some are netbooks and some are very small laptops parading as netbooks. Ring, ring, hello Websters; we a definition clarification on this one.

- Lots of eBooks; too many to mention here. I will mention one; the Que by Plastic Logic. It's going to be pricey; up to $800 depending what make and model you buy. The Que is specifically targeting high end business users. I wonder if the word "eBook" will even be uttered at CES next year or utterly replaced by the newly born touch screen tablets this year.

- Microsoft opened the show. But, Google stole it with the announcement this week of its Nexus One smartphone.

- Palm is trying to stay alive with a new version of the Pre and Pixi.

- Attention out of work software programmers; here's another app store where you can most likely starve to death while writing programs to sell here. It's Intel this time, for its new "Moorestown" mobile platform.

In other news...

None of your beeswax!

That's my answer to the latest viral question making the rounds on Facebook.

Albeit for a good cause, Facebook feeds are full right now of one word responses from women (mostly) naming a color. It's their answer to the question, "what color bra are you wearing?". It's in honor of breast cancer awareness.

I never realized so many women are wearing lime bras.