With the countdown to the opening of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas just a couple of days away comes the onslaught of launch previews.

The big one today was Google's own smartphone; the Nexus One.

But there's enough being said about Google today. Let's give a nod to the little eReader that could, instead. Introducing Skiff. The clock is now ticking on its 15 minutes .

Skiff is a new eReader that has two main brags; an 11.6 inch screen making it the largest available eReader on the market beating out Amazon's Kindle DX and it uses some sort of new "foil technology" that makes its the most hearty, durable screen on the market as well. The other eReaders use glass in their screens (so don't sit on one of them, by accident).

Here's what we don't know about Skiff:

- What it will cost to buy one (pricing is still being worked out)
- What it will cost to use one (Skiff is in partnership with Sprint's 3G network, which makes me cringe. No one needs another device requiring a monthly wireless plan).

Here's what we do know about Skiff:

- It's parent company is Hearst (as in newspapers). So,Skiff has come to save the news print business.
- Customers would buy content through the Skiff store. Oh Lord, could another app store be next? The only thing more depressing than not making money selling iPhone apps would be losing money making apps for the Skiff store.

Parting thoughts on Skiff:

- It's probably a decent product.
- It probably won't live long enough to become a trivial pursuit question.
-The "confirmed rumors" are looking pretty solid that Apple will finally announce its iTablet later this month and have them on sale by March. All believe it will be a game changer in the eReader market.
- Don't count out Amazon's Kindle. Kindle has been building steam for awhile, almost single-handedly building the fledgling eReader market.
- Last year, some 5 million eReaders of all brands were sold. Look for that number to explode around, oh, March! (Getting back to Apple's iTablet, again).

The bottom line: Good luck, Skiff. You will need it.