Your business just might be and you don't know it, yet.

The tech research giant, Gartner, is predicting that one in five businesses will no longer have ANY IT assets by 2012.


As in, not a single server in the building. And that's in less than two years. In the United States that's (lessee doing quick math: about 30 million businesses divided by five) six million businesses that can buy a ping pong table for what used to be the data room. That's a lot of gun metal grey server racks going up for sale on Craig's List.

Keep in mind, there are about 600,000 new start-up businesses each year in the United States. Just as many fold annually.

More quick math; that's about 1.2 million new businesses between now and the date on this prediction,


What I think we'll see in the near future is more businesses like Laughing Squid starting up with no on site IT hardware from day one. It's a core part of their business plan; the strategy being to travel light in terms of IT making the company more nimble and scalable.

I guess this cloud thing is not so up in the air.