Like most people, I am distracted and heartbroken by the overwhelming tragedy that has struck our Haitian neighbors.

And though I normally write about technology, I thought it was a good time for a brief history lesson: Remember the "Monroe Doctrine"? Going in the way-back machine to 1823, President James Monroe set a policy that the United States would intervene if foreign (European) countries attempted further colonization of any territories or countries in the Western Hemisphere.

In other words, we promised the rest of our neighbors here on our side of the planet that we would have their back.

Almost two hundred years of history have presented many other threats besides foreign occupation that have required us to make good on that policy. It's happened once again and once again we need to have our neighbor's back.

Here's where you can go to help:

- Unicef

- Yele Haiti

- Save The Children

- World Vision

- Doctors Without Borders

- American Red Cross

There are other reputable organizations to support. These are just a few.

Please pass this posting on to others and share the links with friends and family.