TechRepublic has a new blog post out on "Refusing to Under-Staff IT Departments that advises IT Managers to take steps to ensure that they have a 'right-sized' support team. These steps include asking the following questions:

'¢ How long should customers wait on hold?
'¢ How long should they wait for desk-side support?
'¢ How smooth do you want computer replacements to run?
'¢ Do you see the value of maintaining current documentation?

My company has always received accolades from customers for our great support but there is always a question in my mind... Do we get paid off for this? It costs more to provide great support and it's disheartening to see successful companies repeatedly get away with doing a subpar job.

Is it worth it? And how do you know for sure?

Curt works for Journyx, which has solutions to help improve business execution.