Score one for the rumor mill. By the time Apple unveiled the iPad today, there were very few surprises left; mostly confirmations.


- It has a keyboard-less touchscreen with a 10 inch screen (9.7 to be exact).

- Apple has cut a deal with The New York Times as a content partner.

- eBooks will be sold through iTunes. It's official; game on between Apple and Amazon.

- It will be called the iPad. Women are already making fun of the name. Think about it.

Then again, no:

- The pricing is cheaper than originally feared. It will sell for $499. A 3G version will sell for just under $700. The data plan through AT&T will run about $30 a month and not $60 as reported earlier this week.

- Battery life will be around 10 hours.

- The user interface will likely not have the high learning curve as reported in earlier "unconfirmed" reports. It basically works like a big iPod touch.

And one last "yes"; yes, Steve Jobs wore a black turtleneck during the demo in San Francisco.