Happy belated Valentine's Day from Research In Motion (Blackberry's parent company).

RIM, as it is better known, doesn't want to lose you (that is; you, as in the business crowd).

For that reason, the company announced today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that it will be offering a free version of its Blackberry Enterprise Server software. The software makes it possible to sync up your employees' Blackberries with the network's Windows Server software or Microsoft Exchange.

So what does all that syncing up mean?

- The free version works with Microsoft Exchange 2010, 2007 and 2003.

- Users will be able to access Word, Excel and Powerpoint from their Blackberries.

- Users will be able to access other applications and their files behind the firewall, as well from their Blackberries.

There is still a paid version, with more muscular security features and PBX integration.

One may see this as a Hail Mary pass to hold off the iPhone juggernaut, as well as Microsoft's latest threat with the release Microsoft Phone 7.

Whatever it is, it's good for business.