Buying those three last boards for your Farmville barn is about to get easier, I suppose.

Facebook has inked a deal with PayPal to use its services within its social network. PayPal will be the payment method of choice for both Facebook advertisers and users.

For small businesses, this will undoubtedly open doors to a huge, huge market (As in, 400 million Facebook users now).

PayPal makes it possible to do business with customers who don't have a credit card.

PayPal is a good work-around for doing business with people in other countries who don't pay in dollars.

Speaking as a Facebook user, however; I say, "yuck".

I think this will change the face of Facebook as we know it. I dread all the hucksters who will find their way into my feed.

What do you call spam in your live friend feed?

Chum, perhaps?