We live in the era of "E". There are e-Payments, e-Statements, e-Shedules, e-Invoices, e-Readers, e-Business, e-Tailers. The list goes on to e-Finity, it seems.

Enough already!

Here's why it's time to lose the "e":

- This whole "do it online" thing is not so new anymore. We've all been online for almost 15 years. Even the Clampetts no longer call it a cement pond anymore.

- "e" sounds stupid anyway, since it stands for electronic and electricity has been around for going on a hundred years. Shouldn't it have been "d" for digital to begin with?

- We don't call the alternatives p-as-in-paper-Statements, p-Invoices, P-Schedules, etc.

- To my knowledge, after the invention of the Gutenberg printing press, no one called books p-books (as opposed to h-books (as in handwritten).

- It's tantamount to calling your car a "horseless carriage".

Tomorrow's blog will be about the overuse of the word "green".

(just kidding!)

p.s. Apple will live to regret the whole "i" thing, by the way. But, that's a rant for another day. Stepping off my soapbox now.