The more I hear about the iPad, the more doubts I'm having about its success.

I keep thinking of the word, "Newton".

Here's what giving me pause:

1. The iPad doesn't have any USB ports. So, uh, no peripherials? For one thing, users won't be able to plug in an external drive and rip their own CDs, etc. Or how about loading up files via thumb drive?

2. You'll love all the different apps you can buy from iTunes. Too bad that you can only use one at a time. No multi-tasking.

3. It doesn't support Flash, which means a lot of web sites will look like ca-ca.

4. It's too darn expensive. The $500 model will disappoint without 3G. The 3G models are over $600 and up. That doesn't inclue the $30 a month data plan. Oy! Another monthly bill!

5. No camera. Big mistake. How can the Nano shoot video and the iPad not even take still shots? The camera on the iPhone takes really great pictures. A friend of mine that lives in Baltimore took pictures of Snow-magedon last month in her neighborhood on her iPhone. They looked like Ansel Adams portraits. No camera at all on the iPad?

Unanswered questions:

- What about printing?

- What happens if it drops?

The iPad is being billed as the device to bridge the gap between the smartphone and laptop. Yet, I won't be able to get rid of either. Some bridge!