I still believe its only a matter of time before Nintendo wakes up and adapts products like the DS line to the business crowd.

It's a short walk and maybe this is the first step:

Nintendo is entering the eReader fray. This June it will be releasing "100 Classic Books" on a game cartridge. The line-up of authors are more like Jules Verne and Jane Austen, rather than Dan Brown and Nora Roberts.

This is definitely just a big toe in the water. But, it's the big toe of what could be a very big player.

Keep in mind, the Nintendo DSi line already features two screens. In other words, it opens like a book and could easily read like a book with pages on each screen.

The real goal of the eReader business is to grab that text book market. That's where the big money is. Picture that video game generation making a seamless transition from Mario Brothers to the Norton Anthology of American Literature on their Nintendo handheld that they know and love so well.

What else could they use it for as they transition into the professional world?