A survey of over 3,000 IT professionals recently showed that they consume more social media content than other types (editorial, vendor) and that they consider this to be a good method not only for staying informed, but for networking with peers as well. According to the study, IT professionals at all levels spend an average of 4.59 hours a week on social media sites, and they report that it has helped to increase their level of expertise in their field.

Aside from LinkedIn, some IT workers use Slashdot.org for up-to-date "news for nerds" or IT Toolbox to keep in touch with other professionals.

I just spoke Monday at the Atlanta PMI about Web2.0 and how it affects project managers, the summary of which is that it raises expectations on UI, adds stakeholders, and steals control from
IT (part of a continuing trend).

Curt Finch is the founder & CEO of a resource management software company.