It's been some five months since the release of Windows 7 and according to Microsoft sales are brisk. So far, more than 90 million copies of Windows 7 have sold; a third of that sold just since the start of the year. That 90 million translates to a little over 7% of computers.

By comparison, 66% of computers still have Windows XP; 17% with Vista (Vista? Vista, who?)
(And yes, I know there are other brands of operating systems out there. But, this is a posting about Microsoft.)

Microsoft's chief financial officer, Peter Klein, told investors on a Morgan Stanley conference call this week that he's predicting Windows 7 sales will really pick up later this year or early next year when more companies are poised for a "tech refresh".

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to make sense of this one. Companies are still reeling from the "Great Recession" and therefore most IT budgets are still tight; really, really tight.

As months (years!) go by with all this clench-fisted spending, it stands to reason that lots of technologies are not getting upgraded on their normal cycles. At some point, the money taps will open again.

My question is when do you think your company will have it's next "tech refresh" and is the wait to upgrade noticeable?