Blackberry's parent company, Research In Motion (RIM),  has kicked off its WES 2010 conference in Orlando. Let the headlines flow. The new operating system (6.0 if you are counting) is getting a lot of attention. More interesting to me, however, is the new Mobile Voice System software (5.0 and I am counting). It promises to save companies a King's ransom in overseas long distance and roaming charges, plus make life much easier for the virtual worker.

Here's the deal:

-MVS 5.0 now has the ability to connect with Cisco IP-based PBX systems

-MVS 5.0 works over WiFi networks. (think about it: the overseas worker can now call into the system over VoIP bypassing international call rates)

-This means remote workers can ping pong between mobile calls and the corporate PBX system at the touch of a button on their Blackberry.

-The new software allows for third party applications.

It remains to be seen if the new Blackberry operating system will be app-friendly enough to hold off the iPhone and growing Android juggernauts.

However, RIM is clearly not forgetting who its real market is (corporate clients) and is staying true to them with the new MVS upgrade.

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