Attention road warriors: here's some good news about the new 11-inch MacBook Air notebooks. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has added it to the list of electronic devices that can stay in the bag when you go through airport security.

That's right, your smaller MacBook Air doesn't need special screening, but your shoes still do. So keep wearing those loafers.

It's actually not quite as special as it sounds. The TSA has lightened up quite a bit regarding smaller electronic and computing devices over the past year. The iPad and most netbooks don't need a grey bin for example. 

Interesting enough, the 13-inch MacBook Air does require out-of-the-bag inspection.

I'm not sure I get the logic on this one. How does a slightly larger laptop that is essentially the same machine pose a greater (or different) threat that requires a hands-on inspection?

If I put an Intel chip in my 9West pumps, can I leave them on next time I go through screening?

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