It was widely reported over the weekend that Apple has topped over 300,000 iPhone/iPad apps now for download. Not so fast!

The report originated with, quoting Mobclix numbers. The problem with that is Mobclix doesn't subtract the number of inactive apps. When you do that, the number of apps is just below 280,000 apps. It's still an impressive number, especially when you consider Apple just anounced at the end of September it had passed 250,000 active apps available.

280,000? 300,000? Does the number really matter anyway. Isn't this sort of like 500 television channels and most of them c***. There are a lot of really bad apps out there. There are also a lot of well done apps that sound so good at the time we impulsively download them and then never use them.

I would like to see Apple build a better search engine for wading through all these app offerings.

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