Blackberry still has more market share than the iPhone or the Google Droid. That's the good news. The bad news is we all know it is on a pace to lose it. The question of "when" depends on which analyst you ask. Right now, Blackberry has roughly 40% of the market to the iPhone's 30%

This reminds me of the CBS network back in the day. Back in 1970, CBS dominated the Nielson's with such shows as "The Beverly Hillbillies", "Green Acres" and, yes, even "Hee Haw". High ratings don't mean a lot without a future, however. The CBS brass saw that and they cancelled all of those shows, despite their high ratings, in what is affectionately remembered as "The Rural Purge". As one cast member who lost his show put it, "They killed everything with a tree in it".

Network chief, Fred Silverman, saw where the country was moving which was more into cities and suburbs and out of the sticks. Goodbye "Green Acres", hello "Archie Bunker" and "Maude".

Blackberry is at a similar crossroads. Blackberry is the number one smartphone in the country. Unfortunately, it rides on a decade plus of success on a mobile device built around e-mail. E-mail is not where the country is heading. Now, it is all about the apps and in that area the iPhone and Droid rule.

Blackberry's parent company, RIM, will be hosting WES2010 in Orlando next week. There is much speculation that RIM will be taking off the wraps on Blackberry's next OS (6.0, if you are counting).

There is equal speculation that Blackberry 6.0 will be more oriented towards apps. Perhaps! But, will it be too little too late.

What the Blackberry really needs is that CBS-like purge. Throw it all out and rethink everything.